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Town & Country Australia specialises in designing and creating Innovative building solutions for every age group. Our granny flats for sale offer comprehensive designs to match the widest range of sites and needs.

Enough Space For Easy Navigation

We are committed to help you find and set up the right space for you and your loved ones. Elder family members need a place that they can easily navigate around and stay comfortable in. Our collection of granny flat kit homes suits this requirement perfectly.

Our Dependent Persons Units come in different types and designs, and all of them look sleek and smart and offer a practical use of space. The licensed builders at Town & Country Australia have designed our granny flats to be compact yet spacious, providing enough floor area for your loved one’s convenience. In addition, windows and verandahs are strategically placed to provide a wonderful view of the outdoors.

Flexible Design

Apart from the practical features, our granny flats have a highly flexible design that allows for a short installation time. Due to the unique modular form of our designs, we can supply our units in various construction stages including Kit Form, or installed to Lock-up, Completion or Premium Finish.

Prefab Construction means the windows are already installed and the weatherboards attached to the framing prior to the unit being delivered to site. This unique panelized system, results in a faster onsite construction time limiting the interruption to your property and lifestyle.

Design flexibility also means we can offer the option of constructing your unit at our manufacturing plant, and delivering a complete unit to your site, ready to connect to services. Choose from our large range of plan layouts, or alternatively create your own plan layout to suit your exact requirements. Create your space to suit your lifestyle.

The Designer Range
– 25⁰ pitch Clear Span Cathedral Ceiling
– Available in 3.2m, 3.8m & 5.0m wide or custom size

The Attic Range
– Distinctive 45⁰ pitch Clear Span Cathedral Ceiling
– Available in 3.8m & 4.4m wide

The Urban Range
– Skillion Roof design
– Available in range of widths – from 2.4m wide

If you’re looking to build or buy a granny flat, we offer units in regional & metro NSW. See more of them here.